What is Thai Time?


Most of us think everyone tells time the same way. Sure, the military and some parts of the world may use the 24 hour clock instead of the 12 hour time we’re used to but it’s simply enough to figure out using a little math.  What many people don’t know is that Thais have their … Read more

Is it legal to be a digital nomad in Thailand?


Many people who have location independent businesses flock to Thailand for the great weather and cheap cost of living.  Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of misinformation floating around about the legality of being a digital nomad in Thailand. What is a digital nomad? Before we get too far into the legal issues surrounding digital … Read more

How Much Do You Need To Live in Thailand?


The minimum amount you need to live in Thailand is one of the oldest questions around.  Part of the problem is that there is no strict dollar (or Euro or Pound or Yen) answer to that question.  Some will tell you that you can live in Thailand on $500 a month while others say you … Read more