Using the iPhone in Bangkok

The iPhone 4 has been released with great fanfare in Bangkok. Despite being available for some time on the grey market thousands of people lined up for hours to purchase the new phone from Apple.

The blog Using an iPhone in Thailand has an excellent post on the prices and different data packages that are available from the three main carriers. Prices for iPhone 4 and Packages.

In this post I want to issue a warning for the few people who might still be using the original iPhone, also known as the 2G model. In Thailand your data is calculated per minute and not by the bandwidth as is common in the West. Therefore as long as your phone is connected to the internet you could be charged for usage.

Many owners of the 2G iPhone have reported that their phones seem to use an unusually large amount of data minutes, even when they are not using the phone. I myself experienced this back in April and over the next few months the amount of data minutes that my carrier claimed I was using went from no way, ridiculous and impossible!

As you can seen in the video my minutes kept climbing every month until I switched to the unlimited package and then strangely they seemed to normalize. Why this happened is still a mystery to me but everyone who uses the original 2G iPhone should pay very close attention to how often their phone is connecting online. ridiculous

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