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Thailand International Balloon Festival

A quick 1 hour (60 Baht) bus ride from Victory Monument I arrived in the historic city of Ayutthaya. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, the Ayutthaya historical park is home to many historic temples and Wats. It is estimated that in 1700 there were close to one million people living in Ayutthaya, making it one of the world’s largest cities at the time.

I came to see the 3rd Annual Thailand International Hot Air Balloon Festival. This event will see pilots from around the world coming to display their balloons. It was particularly exciting to seem them setting up and testing the burners by blasting huge flames into the sky.

As darkness fell renowned Thai conductor, Bandit Ungrangee led the Department of Fine Arts Orchestra as the balloonists put on a dazzling display.

Besides the balloons there were elephant rides, traditional dance and music and of course lots of food. All in a all a fun day for the family in this former capital of Thailand.

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