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Watching Thai TV Online

Watching Thai TV Online

My Thai wife and I spend more and more time outside of Thailand and though she’s acclimated pretty well to the changes, the one thing that she always misses (besides really, really, really spicy Thai food and her family) is television shows from Thailand.

Her English is good enough to watch farang television but what she just like som tom, she gets a craving for shows in her own language. Even I have to admit that I like to watch some of the shows even though my Thai isn’t good enough to completely understand 100% of everything that’s said. Not that I’ve become a Lakorn junkie or anything but I do enjoy watching the local news from time to time just to get the Thai perspective.

So I searched around on the site and couldn’t find any articles about watching Thai TV from overseas so I figured it would make for a good post.

First off, you can always look for Thai videos on YouTube. There are tons of shows that are uploaded there. The big problem is that most of the titles are in Thai script so unless you know the Thai script of the show you want to watch, it’ll be difficult to find.

ThaiTV3While Thai TV3 seemed to be broken when I visited, they claim to show a live stream on the website. Funny enough, another website was showing the live television stream live while ThaiTV’s official site was broken.

Thai TV5 also shows their programming on their website. Personally, I prefer to use their iPhone/iPad app.

Thai PBS also shows their programming on their website.

SeesanTV seems to have a comprehensive listing of Thai television programming for a fee. They also appear to have US and UK shows either dubbed in Thai or with Thai subtitles.

Other TV aggregator sites are ThaiWare and ASEAN IPTV. I haven’t tried it yet but supposedly ASEAN IPTV even has a Roku channel so you can watch Thai TV on your regular television as long as you have a Roku player ($49 – $89 USD). Apparently you have to pay $99 a year for a subscription to ASEAN IPTV’s conteraeraint so I haven’t bit the bullet on that one yet.

Speaking of alternative means of accessing Thai television programs, if you have an iPad or iPhone you have some choices. You can search the iTunes store for “Thai TV” and there seem to be a few apps that stream Thai television programming. I haven’t really used any of these so I can’t vouch for them.

I guess I would be remiss if I did not mention where you could find Thai Lakorn videos. I asked my wife for some sites and she gave me I Heart Lakorns. Recently my wife seems to have found some of her favorite Lakorns on Watch Lakorn so it’s worth giving that one a try too.