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Where is the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok?

Where is the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a main travel hub for many destinations around South East Asia. As a result it is a popular stop over point for acquiring visas and the necessary paperwork to continue on with your trip. However Bangkok is not an easy city to navigate and add to that the peculiar hours that many embassies keep, something as simple as getting a visa can turn into an all day ordeal. Continuing my “Where in Bangkok Is…” series I will to show you exactly where the Vietnamese Embassy is.

Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok

Finding the Vietamese Embassy is a fairly easy process. The very first thing you will want to do is get on the BTS Skytrain at any stop along the line and get off at Phloen Chit Station. At Phloen Chit Station look for Exit #2 and keep going past that along the elevated walkway past Exit #5.

Once you reach the end of the walkway you will be above Wireless Road, known as Thanon Witthayu (ถนน วิทยุ). Turn left and walk down the stairs to the main road and keep going straight until you see the Vietnamese Embassy on your left side.

Wireless Road is also home to the following embassies:

British Embassy Bangkok – 14 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 305 8333
Nederlandse Ambassade in Bangkok – 106 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 309 5200
New Zealand Embassy – 87 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 254 2530
South African Embassy Bangkok Information Portal – 87 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 659 2900
Embassy of Switzerland – 35 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 674 69 00
Taiwan Embassy in Thailand – 140 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 670 0200
United States of America Embassy Bangkok – 120 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 205 4000
Vietnam Embassy in Thailand – 83/1 Wireless Road – +66 (0) 2 251 5836 8

10 responses to “Where is the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok?”

  1. If what you need is a visa, consider using an online service to arrange a visa to be picked up at the airport. There are several services, search for “vietnam visa online” (don’t want to advertise specific sites — I used 2 different ones before, both worked fine). Normally it’s $20-25 paid online for the approval and $25 sticker fee at the airport.

    This will be slightly cheaper than the embassy fees, and save you the two trips to Witthayu road and the wait there. Also, a 3-month multiple entry is possible.

    At the embassy, the fee as well as visa availability are at the whim of the official. The woman working there on 2 occasions I went was exceptionally rude and unhelpful and charged a much higher fee 2nd time.

    You can only apply online if your first entry is through an airport (i.e. no ground crossings).

  2. Also, note that Thai citizens don’t need a visa to Vietnam, so if you’d like to take your Thai friend on a trip abroad, it’s a convenient destination (in addition to being cheap and sufficiently different from Thailand to be interesting).

  3. Thanks for the info dbkk101. I had heard mixed reports about getting the visa online but it’s nice to hear that it worked out for you. Online visas are great because they you don’t have to put up with the weird hours that most embassies keep.

  4. Im contacting the FBI for filming the Embassy.

    Good report considering that your the 1st person who actually took the time to do this when its a question that everyone asks.

    In Canada a Visa to Vietnam is $100.00 i think…. are there price diff’ paying for them in Thailand than in your home country?

    • I don’t know if they are different but I had noticed that for Canadians getting a visa to many SE Asian countries are more expensive than many other nationalities. Not sure why Canadians are getting shafted but it sucks!

  5. Will be going to Bangkok in Jan 2011 am wondering about the visa for Vietnam how long a wait if you go to the embassy in bangkok is it a better safer, deal if you get the visa online before we go Do we have send our passports to the embassy if we apply online and what would be the cost cheaper online? We will be traveling from Vancouver Canada

  6. You are best off getting it online. Pay the fee for the visa you want (no, you don’t send your passport anywhere) and in a few days you will get the invitation letter. at the airport you go to the visa on arrival desk, give them the letter plus the stamping fee and 1 photo i think, and you get it then. I’ve been doing it for years; works great.

  7. For those who would like to avoid the perhaps lengthening visa procedures with their local Vietnam’s Embassies, the service of Vietnam Visa-On-Arrival is available for help. It is legitimated and supported by the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

  8. Hi! This was a very helpful video, even for those of us who are very familiar with Bangkok! I’ve heard getting it online can make the wait at the airport much longer.

  9. I’ve studied at Indonesian Embassy! And that’s so easy to get there, believe me. From Central World Mall, you just follow the road then you’ll see Platinum Fashion Mall and Panthip. Tadaa! Embassy of Republic Indonesia is next to Panthip Plaza