I Hate Thailand


Sort of following the same false-title theme as the video Never Go To Thailand, “I hate Thailand” ends up showing all of the reasons one would want to go to Thailand. However, this video has a little twist. After becoming somewhat of a viral hit, it was later revealed that the video was a production … Read more

Never Go To Thailand


  A charming little video about Thailand from Brian Camusat who seems to be using the title as either tongue in cheek or wanting to keep what’s he’s discovered in Thailand all to himself. Really a well shot little travel video that shows just a small part of why so many people fall in love … Read more

Watching Thai TV Online


My Thai wife and I spend more and more time outside of Thailand and though she’s acclimated pretty well to the changes, the one thing that she always misses (besides really, really, really spicy Thai food and her family) is television shows from Thailand. Her English is good enough to watch farang television but what … Read more