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Bangkok Motorcycle Taxi


One of the hassles of living in Bangkok is the traffic. The city is almost always congested and you can never find a taxi when you’re in a hurry. However one of the fastest ways to travel around the city is to ride a Bangkok motorcycle taxi. With their ability to zip in and out of traffic (and even occasionally on the sidewalk!) a motorcycle taxi can get you to your destination faster than any other form of transport.

Bangkok Motorcycle taxis are easily spotted by their orange or red vested drivers and are often gathered on street corners. Motorcycle taxis don’t travel all over the city like a car taxi. They typically spend their day in the same area so they will often have excellent knowledge of the nearby streets and neighbourhoods. Motorcycle taxis are ideally suited for short trips that are too long to walk but too short for a regular taxi.

Helmets are required by law, but they are rarely enforced. In the unlikely event that you are pulled over by the police and you are not wearing a helmet then unfortunately you will be the one who is fined, even if the motorcycle driver didn’t give you a helmet. More and more motorcycle taxi drivers are starting to carry an extra helmet so it your driver doesn’t have one, just wait for another one.

Fares are usually negotiated in advance and for a quick 5 min ride 20 – 40 Baht is average. Most motorcycle taxi drives will have little contact with foreigners, so keep in mind that their English skills may be limited. You may want to write down your destination or home address so you can easily show it to the driver rather than speaking it. If speed is a priority, nothing can beat a motorcycle taxi, but be aware of the risks and keep those knees in tight when threading through the Bangkok traffic.

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9 responses to “Bangkok Motorcycle Taxi”

  1. Sounds interesting to me. I think motorcycles can really solve their traffic problems. I am a motorcycle enthusiast myself, that’s why I’m fond reading motorcycle stuffs like this.

  2. This is a very nice concept. I realized that these are infact Motorcycle taxi’s only on this trip to Bangkok. On all my earlier trips, I have either not paid attention or this service hadn’t started. I feel this is rather a cheaper commuting option for people,also saves time.

  3. I realized that these are infact Motorcycle taxi’s only on this trip to Bangkok.

  4. This is a very neat idea, although a bit dangerous. =) Once I visit Bangkok, I’ll try one of these motorcycle taxis if I get enough courage. lol But it does look fun!

  5. Mortorcycle taxis in Sacramento Ca. ?? humm what do you think?? will that work ??

  6. Check your travel insurance. Your cover is almost certainly going to be invalid riding on one of these, therefore who pays the medical bill if you have an accident?