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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Link

After many delays and five long years of construction the brand new Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link (SARL) has finally opened to the public. The train line promises a quick and easy way to travel from downtown Bangkok to the Suvarnabhumi airport.

Greg Jorgensen, co-host of Bangkok Podcast has written an excellent article comparing the train line to taking a taxi. Both offer their own pros and cons depending on how you like to travel.

Bangkok Airport Rail Link vs. city taxi

To compare time, cost and convenience, I rode out to the airport on the new Airport Rail Link train, then traveled back into the city using a taxi, hauling a big suitcase the whole way. I chose Bangkok’s Hualumphong Railway Station as my start/end point due to its relatively central location… Continue Reading On CNNGo

Photo: Storm Crypt

11 responses to “Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Link”

  1. We used the Cityline in the week before it officially opened. It was interesting to arrive into the city on an elevated train line. Only problem was that it was about 9am and lots of people use the CityLine to commute.

    I’d definitely recommend getting the Express Line at that time of day (that line wasn’t open at the time). From the looks of your video, onward travel from Makasan looks difficult so as you say, might just be easier to get a taxi to start with….

    but it is nice to have an elevate view 🙂

  2. Seems like they need a better connection to the MRT other than just leave you stranded by the highway. Needs to be an underground link connect the two stations. This Makhasan situation seems daft to say the least

  3. I can’t see Express Line as being useful. It takes 15 min (vs. 30 for City Line). However, Express trains leave every 30 min (vs. every 15 min for City Line), so if you include the wait time, you’re not better off. Moreover, Makkasan is in the middle of nowhere compared to Phaya Thai, Pratunam or even Ramkhamhaeng (3 useful stations on the City Line).

    I just can’t see myself ever taking a 50-100 baht taxi to Makkasan (through Rachada which is always congested in the area) and then a 150 baht train. Taxi all the way is 250 baht.

    • LOL! That’s a good point about the waiting times, so essentially both lines take just as long. I’ve been told that they are working on a walkway to the MRT station at Makasan but no idea when that will be completed.

  4. The plus point of the express train (over the cityline) is that it’s specifically for airport passengers so there is better seating and luggage storage space (I presume). The cityline is just like a standard Skytrain… so it’s a bit awkward with suitcases or rucksacks.

    But the taxi does seem a better option, especially if you are a couple.

    • Also I forgot to mention that eventually they plan to allow passengers to check in your luggage at the Makasan Station. So that will actually be very convenient for passengers that you can check your luggage at the station and avoid the hassle of carrying it around the airport.

  5. Yes, that’s very convienient in Hong Kong… but I think I’d let the service iron out the bugs before trying it myself 🙂

    Another great video Tony.

  6. great report! Typical Thailand construction project where some things are done very well and other things are completely overlooked or never finished. The girl in the Swiss village was very cute : )

  7. Too bad I couldn’t stay long enough to see the completion of the city line!

    I used to work at the thanapoom tower on petchburi and that’s just in front of that huge station near petchburi (forgot the name. Was that makkasan?)

    I started taking one picture a day from the office. I didn’t know it would take that long!

    Trivia: The station is built on what used to be a large squarry pond in a railway depot. I used to see people use raft to go fish on it.