Flight of the Gibbon Bangkok

The Flight of the Gibbon Zipline Adventure Park is a fun experience for anyone who wishes to get out of the city of Bangkok and see the Thai rainforest. The site is located in the lush tropical rainforest near the city of Chonburi which is about 90 minutes away from our pick up spot in Bangkok.

Started by three friends who wanted to help the plight of the endangered Gibbon the company plays a large part in the conservation efforts of the Gibbon habitat. The have a number of conservation initiatives at every location, including the goal to plant 1,000,000 trees over the next 20 years.

When you arrive at the park you will be strapped into your harness and given a brief safety demonstration. Safety is paramount to the company and they are happy to report that in the 3 years they have been operating in Thailand they have never had an accident.

After a quick hike to get to the first platform you will be ready for your first zip line adventure. Many people are nervous about stepping off a platform suspended hundreds of feet above the ground so the staff advise that for the first one you sit down and they gently push you off and before you know it you are gliding through the treetops!

The zip lines run over 3 km through 26 tree top platforms, two repelling lines, and a sky bridge! The staff all speak excellent English and really make an effort to make each platform unique and to insure that the guests are always having a good time.

The Flight of the Gibbon Bangkok is a immensely fun day and it’s nice to know that your money is also supporting the numerous conservation projects that the company is involved in.

If you’re in Thailand on holidays enjoying the great beaches, sight seeing and dining, or plan to visit this remarkable country soon… then don’t miss the Flight of the Gibbon Tours. Imagine gliding through a sea of luminous green treetops and feeling safe and secure as you sail into the most stunning vistas on the planet.

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