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I Hate Thailand


Sort of following the same false-title theme as the video Never Go To Thailand, “I hate Thailand” ends up showing all of the reasons one would want to go to Thailand.

However, this video has a little twist. After becoming somewhat of a viral hit, it was later revealed that the video was a production of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). To be honest, I think it should have been pretty obvious that this was not authentic. While parts of the video do involve the main character talking into the camera, seemingly telling his story in real time, it’s all of the establishing shots, smooth panning, better audio than one would ever get from a phone camera, and generally high production values that seem a little contrived.

Nevertheless, one of the reasons people loved the video was the story which follows western tourist James as he wakes up on a beach after a wild night of partying with all of his money and belongings gone.

He goes to the police who don’t seem to be very helpful and then he wanders around paradise angry at the world.

Thus the title of the video.

While kicking up dirt and throwing rocks at cars passing him on the road he meets a local Thai woman who feeds him, let’s him charge his phone, and then goes off with him on a quest to find his lost bag.

Along the way he’s taken in by some local fishermen who invite James to stay with them (another hint at the authenticity of the movie, as they couldn’t have James stay with the girl who he’s only just met).

He learns how to kill mosquitos, take a shower using a bucket of water, and, as he puts it, “the way of the Buddhist.”

He claims that he eventually became a teacher however his class seems to be comprised of four Thai students and his classroom is a swing on the beach.

He and the girl end up sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean and like a cliche rom-com, he fumbles his words telling her that he thinks the view is beautiful but not her.

Eventually, a local Thai finds him siting on a dock and returns his lost belongings. Supposedly a monkey had stolen the bag and the man had recovered it from the monkey.

Ahhhh . . . a big laugh is had by all.

Cut to a montage of him hanging out with Thais and a voiceover revelation that Thailand gave him friends.

Two years later he’s a snorkeling tour guide, fluent in Thai, and hasn’t left the island his story began on.

It’s actually a pretty feel good, cheesy sort of story but I’m sure the TAT was fully aware the video would have gotten only a few thousand views if they put it out there as an official video. It was the assumption that it was a true story – however unbelievable that would be – that propelled into viral hit (2.6 million views and counting on YouTube).