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Where in Bangkok is the new Immigration office?

Where in Bangkok is the new Immigration office?

The new Thai Immigration office as moved from their old location at Sathron to a new building at Chaeng Wattana. To get to the new office I took the BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station and then hopped in a taxi for a 30 minute ride out to the new location. For those of you coming on the MRT you would get off at Chatuchak station.

All the taxis knew where I wanted to go when I mentioned Chaeng Wattana so it was very easy to get to the new office. The taxi driver did warn me that this area of Bangkok can experience heavy traffic during peak rush hour so it’s best to avoid those times.

The new immigration office is located in a futuristic building on Soi 7. The new building is certainly much nicer than the old one on Sathron. There are photocopying services and a decent food court inside. The immigration area is now much larger and you can actually sit at a desk inside of crouching down to that too low counter.

The new Thai immigration office on Chaeng Wattana Soi 7 certainly is farther out than the old office on Sathron but with careful planning it is not that hard to find.

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