The clean up begins in Bangkok

The citizens of Bangkok came out in droves today to clean up the area that was formerly occupied by the red protesters. Donning their multi-colored hats and shirts, they swept, scrubbed and scraped every inch of the Rajprasong area clean.

It was really great to see so many Thais, and a few farangs all working together to get Bangkok sparkling clean.

3 thoughts on “The clean up begins in Bangkok”

  1. Did you happen to notice a lot of Farangs out assisting in the cleanup and what was the reaction of the Thai’s towards them helping?

    Pretty cool to see how the people came together to do this.

  2. Any one know about a sho called Gcorners.I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHERE THIS SHOP IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks in advance!:)

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