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Red Shirt Protesters Return to Bangkok

Thousands of anti government red shirted protesters converged on the city of Bangkok today to mark the fourth anniversary of the 2006 coup that ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The main protests were held in the Rajaprason area, the same area that the protesters had occupied for 2 months back in April.

The protests were largely peaceful but definitely a show of strength to the Thai government that the red leadership is still very well organized. The protesters held up signs, tied red ribbons and released thousands of balloons in remembrance of those who died during the military crackdown.

While these protests are a sure sign that this political situation is far from over I do not think any tourists who might be thinking about coming to Thailand need to change their plans. Today’s protest is scheduled as a one day event and while there may be further isolated protests many people I talked to don’t feel that we’ll see the city under siege again. Having said that it would be wise to keep updated on the news from Thailand as the situation can change very quickly.

One response to “Red Shirt Protesters Return to Bangkok”

  1. Unreal, i wake up, check my email and there’s a notification in my inbox regarding the return of the protestors.

    Hard to believe this was able to happen so quickly.